3: Structuring and Debugging Code
Course Overview

Welcome to Coding Basics!

​Coding Basics is Rocket Academy's intro course in software programming, also known as coding. It is the first course in Rocket's software engineering curriculum, teaching basic coding syntax and concepts through building simple programs. Students interested in software engineering careers can join Rocket's Software Engineering Bootcamp after Basics to build more complex software systems and get a software engineering job.

What is Basics About?

Coding Basics aims to introduce the elements of constructing a program and thinking about how it should work in a short (6 weeks, 12 meetings) amount of time. This happens in a "sandbox" JavaScript environment meant to focus on the universal, fundamental concepts of programming, rather than being specific to the JavaScript language. Using project and mastery based learning it aims to incrementally level-up students' coding knowledge through fun game-based mini projects.

What is Basics Not?

Basics is focused on project-based learning, so does not cover theoretical computer science concepts. Basics is focused on universal programming fundamentals, so does not cover software systems or code frameworks as they are deployed in a commercial setting.